Leaving in one week!!!

I am off to Liberia in one week.  Presently, I am in the midst of spraying bed nets with insect repellent and reading up on Malaria…  I am very excited about the upcoming trip and look forward to sharing as much of the experience with all of you as I can.  More to come next week…


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One Response to Leaving in one week!!!

  1. Emmanuel Tambah says:

    Hi Brad,
    I am a Liberian residing in Syracuse NY. I just read about your trip to Liberia in the Post Standard yesterday 1/25/11. I wanted to thank you for choosing to work work in my country to improve the quality of care for the citizens. Upon your return from Liberia, the Liberian church in Syracuse would like to invite you to tell you thank you in person. Good luck on your trip and be save.
    ps. Have you had any Liberian dish yet? I am sure you will love it. Try the Grebo Palm butter soup and rice.

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