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Half way through my 2 weeks in Liberia

It has been a whirlwind of a week. I have seen malaria in most of its permutations and degrees of severity, from relatively mild febrile illness in a 5 year old boy seen in the clinic, to life threatening cerebral … Continue reading

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More news from Liberia

I need to give people some background information about the country of Liberia, and how it is that I find myself here in Monrovia. First, some background on the country.  Liberia suffered through a disastrous civil war from 1989 – … Continue reading

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My first day at school…

Well, we saw a lot of patients today.  The ward has approx 30 patients.  The largest number of admissions are for Malaria in all of its forms followed by pneumonia, sepsis and meningitis.  The meningitis diagnoses are all presumed at … Continue reading

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Leaving in one week!!!

I am off to Liberia in one week.  Presently, I am in the midst of spraying bed nets with insect repellent and reading up on Malaria…  I am very excited about the upcoming trip and look forward to sharing as … Continue reading

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